Snapshots from Wollongong – Woonona

W is for Woonona Wollongong has more than its fair share of suburbs starting with W. There is Wollongong itself, Woonona, Windang, Warrawong and Wombarra. Woonona (including Woonona East) is in the “northern” suburbs. Here, the coastal strip is narrow, and the escarpment rises sharply only 3 kilometres beyond the beach. The suburb is divided … Continue reading Snapshots from Wollongong – Woonona

Snapshots Of Wollongong – Bellambi

B is for BellambiB might be for Bellambi, but it's also for Balgownie, Berkeley, Brownsville and Bulli, some of which will be covered in their own posts.     Bellambi is a beachside suburb with significant indigenous connections and it remains important for the local Dharawal people. Large middens that existed near the beach have … Continue reading Snapshots Of Wollongong – Bellambi