Single Life of Us: Podcast review:

Those of you who have been reading my posts for a while will know that I’m over 60 and single and very happy about that thank you very much! The cultural narrative surrounding single older women is not very flattering. We should be out there finding another partner, although tsk tsk it’s probably too late … Continue reading Single Life of Us: Podcast review:

Divorce – Ten years on.

I don’t remember what I was dreaming about, but I was in one of those stages of sleep where my mind was buzzing, and even though I was sure I was awake, in reality, I was still unconscious. One of my dream-characters reminded me that this month marked the 10th anniversary of me leaving the … Continue reading Divorce – Ten years on.

Pandora’s Box

Back in the dark ages, in the dim, distant past when I was married, my husband bought me a very luxurious black leather briefcase to celebrate my birthday the year I got a big promotion. Thirty years later I still have that briefcase and while I no longer carry it around with my sales catalogues … Continue reading Pandora’s Box