On the Konmari band wagon

Throwback Thursday - My take on minimalism. There has been lots and lots (and lots and lots) of talk about the Konmari method of tidying. The Netflix series has  nearly broken the internet! Marie Kondo's website IS an elegant, simple and beautiful place. She IS elegant and beautiful. In preparing for this post I got … Continue reading On the Konmari band wagon

Digital Ephemera and the Cloud Keepers.

A hand embroidered tablecloth featuring Australian flora

“What are Minimalists, Mummy” “I’ll answer that” the guide piped in. “They were a new social class which arose in what used to be called first world countries, between 2012 and up till around 2075. They believed in living a simple lifestyle without the physical accoutrements of modern life. It was a noble aim. Prior to this time, the focus had been on accumulating goods. We have found evidence of a cult that had the motto “he who dies with the most toys wins” The Minimalists railed against this. Partly as a way of improving their own mental health but also as a challenge.