From the Vault – Tel Aviv

Two cranes gantries in a blue sky

Continuing the From the Vault Series. This time a snap from the streets of Tel Aviv. Taken in October 2015. While not necessarily a technically elegant shot, it captured the thoughts of the people. Much of the street art is decorative but there is also a lot of politics. Stencil art, as seen here, is particularly popular. I guess it’s quick and easy to deploy.

You can read my post about street art in Tel Aviv here. The current events in Israel are another chapter in a volatile place.

I wish I had of included the rest of what doesn’t kill you!

Still haven’t made up my mind about whether to continue with the blog or not!

Wonderwalls Festival – Wollongong Snapshot 2

I live in the regional city of Wollongong which is around 90 km south of Sydney. These days, not much divides the sprawling southern suburbs of Sydney and the northern suburbs of Wollongong. Once home to Aunty Jack[1] a 1970’s TV comedy, the cultural landscape is now much more diverse[2].

A recent addition has been the Wonder Walls Festival which is held in the last weekend of November. Our council invites[3] local and international artists to brighten up the walls around the city’s CBD.

After three consecutive years you can really notice the difference and the vibrant atmosphere this project is bringing to town.

Some of the works are very small scale and others are truly majestic. I hope it’s a tradition that is set to stay.



[2] See my other recent post