Broken Hill – Snapshots of NSW

Broken Hill is one of those places you either have an affinity for or can’t get out of quickly enough. I fit squarely into the former category. I have been there twice already and had even considered living there for a year. That opportunity, unfortunately, did not eventuate.  Sturt Desert Pea Living Desert Start Park … Continue reading Broken Hill – Snapshots of NSW

I am a volunteer.

I can now tie knots like the alpine butterfly, double figure of 8, a fisherman’s knot and a bow line. Unfortunately, not with my eyes closed but I am getting there. I can rig a height safety system so I can get up on roof safely to fix it and I am a qualified first aider. I know the alphabet and can use a romeo-alpha-delta-indigo-oscar, as well as navigate with just a map and a compass.