The Illustrated Story Workshop

Lorena Carrington is an illustrator - yet she never puts pencil (or ink or pen) to paper. She is, however, a master of Photoshop. She takes images and then uses layers (often hundreds of layers)  to compose images of mythical creatures and fairy tale scenes.  Jack Dragon 3 (Source These compositions are used to … Continue reading The Illustrated Story Workshop

Wonderwalls Festival – Wollongong Snapshot 2

I live in the regional city of Wollongong which is around 90 km south of Sydney. These days, not much divides the sprawling southern suburbs of Sydney and the northern suburbs of Wollongong. Once home to Aunty Jack[1] a 1970’s TV comedy, the cultural landscape is now much more diverse[2]. A recent addition has been … Continue reading Wonderwalls Festival – Wollongong Snapshot 2