Winter’s Citrus Bounty

It’s winter in Australia. Here in Armidale, Australia's highest city, sub-zero temperatures are a frequent occurrence. The lowest recorded temperature is around -12oC. Frosty mornings usually make way for the weak sun to warm things up to a bearable 13 - 15oC most days but it’s dismal on the days with no sun. You can … Continue reading Winter’s Citrus Bounty

The Glorious Colours of Autumn in Armidale

Autumn can be a magical time of year if you live in a cold climate. Reds, golds and orange make for spectacular street scenes. However, most (if not all) indigenous Australian trees are evergreen. They stay the same green all year round. They may have bright spring blossoms but their leaves don't change. (Except to … Continue reading The Glorious Colours of Autumn in Armidale