Phood for thort on the English langwij.

Yes, that title was intentionally misspelled. I’ll warn my editor now: no red pen needed, Mum; I did it on purpose! It all started in a dream. Again don’t worry, I’m not about to bore you with the dream itself but with the prevailing premise. How convoluted the English language is!  I'm sure many of … Continue reading Phood for thort on the English langwij.

The Illustrated Story Workshop

Lorena Carrington is an illustrator - yet she never puts pencil (or ink or pen) to paper. She is, however, a master of Photoshop. She takes images and then uses layers (often hundreds of layers)  to compose images of mythical creatures and fairy tale scenes.  Jack Dragon 3 (Source These compositions are used to … Continue reading The Illustrated Story Workshop