Photo of the week 22

An on the road version so no header! I am never happy with how the app works especially for photos on the iPad!

It was hard to pick this week’s photo of the week. I have already taken hundreds of photos as I take a five week road trip around Scotland. This photo is looking down and up a spiral staircase in the Lighthouse in Glasgow. The The Lighthouse is part of a design exhibition and worth a visit. Not perfectly centred because of the angle of the railings. I think the down one is best because of the rich colours.

Looking down
Looking up

Photo of the Week 21


We have been blessed with some fantastic sunrises over the last few weeks. It makes getting up early for a run well worth it!

These images were taken with my iPhone SMAX from the public golf course overlooking City Beach, Wollongong.


Snapseed 2
Now, that’s a great spot for a Golf Course!




Snapseed 3
Can you hear the angels singing?












Photo of the Week 20

Environmental Portraits

I am not yet brave enough to take traditional style portraits but I really like the idea of taking environmental portraits. That is, taking pictures of people doing their thing in their space. These two images are from the photo shoot I talked about a couple of weeks ago in Photo of the Week 18.



Discussing designs





Demonstrating the filing technique


Taken with a Panasonic FZ1000 and edited in Lightroom. Natural light.





Photo of the Week 19

Sydney Opera House and the Bridge: 2012.

opera house and bridge.jpg

This is one of my very first images from when I  started taking photography seriously. It was taken on a Panasonic FZ250. Not a bad zoom for a little camera! I was at least 1 km away on the other side of the Habour at Lady Macquarie’s Chair in the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. I don’t have any details on the settings.

I think it still stands the test of time






Photo of the Week 18

Nearly pro! This photo is from my first booked “photo shoot”. That is, someone asked me to take photos for them for their website! Yvette is a jewellery designer, and she runs workshops on making silver rings. Here, one of the participants is cutting a piece of silver with a jewellery saw. You can see Yvette’s website here, although soon it will be all sparkly new with some of my images!


Edited in Lightroom. On reflection, my depth of field is too narrow and the whole saw is not in focus,  but I needed to use a wide aperture because it was a moving target and the ambient light was low.

Excuses excuses! 🙂