Through the back of a camera.

It was Saturday, mid-afternoon so everything was closed. It had been raining and the souk (market) had nice puddles of water that were reflecting the grey clouds very nicely. The cracked pavements and general disorder of the place all adding a nice ambient grunge. I noticed a man a few hundred metres off walking in my direction. I didn't think much of it. I was out in the open on a public street. There were other people around. I went around the corner in search of more puddles. He followed me.

Making Adult Friends: Trusting your gut instincts

As an adult it’s not that easy to make new friends. We are a little pickier and harder to please. We have much higher standards than as children. Even though it is hard I think we make it harder than it needs to be. It’s not rocket science!I think we disguise fear as pickiness. We are just a bit scared to bare our souls. It's hard enough finding a partner without throwing a search for new friends into the mix!

Central Park, New York

New York is legendary. The thing of thousands of stories. Central Park is ...well...central to many of these stories. Police dramas where unsuspecting joggers get murdered or raped on one of the winding pathways to romances like When Harry Met Sally. A quick search of the internet throws up several web pages that give you … Continue reading Central Park, New York

A very public proposal

There I was minding my own business sitting on the basalt steps at the Pebble Beach between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges waiting for sunset and along comes a man and woman carrying a double sized white rocking chair. They plonked it down and started rocking in the last rays of sun before it dipped … Continue reading A very public proposal

You light up my live: Take 2 – Lighthouses of Maine

A few months ago I wrote about the lighthouses in my home town and my desire to photograph all the lighthouses in Australia. I have not added to my Australian tally, but this week I have been busy looking at the lighthouses of Maine, USA. Here are a few photos of these undeniably grand photographic … Continue reading You light up my live: Take 2 – Lighthouses of Maine