I am an older woman who has been enjoying travelling solo for the last 10 years.


My friends tell me I am brave to go it alone, but I would describe myself as selfishly independent.

Never reckless, I am always careful but not timid when I travel. I make sure someone,  somewhere knows where I am even if it’s just Google via location services. I enjoy hiking, urban photography, museums and eating. I think I would make a lousy travel companion with my constant stopping to take a photo of yet another exciting scene. Travelling alone means I can stay up processing photos and writing to my heart’s content. I meet interesting people along the way and to date, with sensible strategies, I have not had any issues beyond having to finish the tub of Ben and Jerry’s on my own!

I live and work in  Wollongong, Australia – a not so secret treasure and the 10th largest city in Australia. An hour’s drive from Sydney, it is well worth the visit.

I aim to move into freelance photo-journalism. This site gives me a place to dabble at shaping my craft and find out what people like.

If you just so happen to be publisher trawling the blog-o-sphere for new writers and like what you see; contact me from the contact page or via the Facebook page! Please!

a deep pink and yellow peopny
Straight out of Camera


All the photos used in this site were taken by me (unless otherwise stated) – on some sort of Lumix or my iPhone. Most recently, a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 and an iPhoneXSMax. Please don’t steal my intellectual property. If you would like to use the photos contact me and we can come to some sort of licensing arrangement. My people can talk to your people…

Why old chooks? (aka chickens) I collect them! Their plucky character matches my own zest for life and curiosity!

I hope this blog inspires other older women to get out and have a go! 60 is the new 40!