Single Life of Us: Podcast review:

Those of you who have been reading my posts for a while will know that I’m over 60 and single and very happy about that thank you very much! The cultural narrative surrounding single older women is not very flattering. We should be out there finding another partner, although tsk tsk it’s probably too late and we’ll be miserable forever. We’ll never be happy because how can we be happy without a (male) partner to “look after us”? My own personal story slaps that worldview down,  and now the podcast Single Life of Us shows I’m not alone in my views. 

This weekly podcast burst onto the audio interwebs in April-ish 2022. The hosts, Nellie Thomas and Kate Mullholland are close to fifty (fitty) single, profane and super funny. Their raw and sincere approach is a breath of fresh air. 

Both newly single after long relationships these sassy “old Molls” as they describe themselves make no judgments, include everyone and talk about nearly anything. They respectfully avoid their own ex-es.

The podcast themes circle around dating, sex, dating, sex, household chores, sex, LGBTQI+ dating, LGBTQI+ sex, masturbation, divorce, dating profiles, memes and sex.  

Definitely not safe for work, and you may not want your kids to listen in. It’s possibly not even safe while driving! I nearly careened off the road I was laughing so much! 

I would recommend going back to Episode 1 and binging to catch up. You can opt-in for extra episodes if you subscribe.

This podcast will broaden your mind and soften your heart.

the Old Chook herself
Artwork from Single Life of us Website

Check it out on your usual podcast service.

UPDATE: On 16/12/22 the Old Moles announced that they would not be continuing the podcast as they had now found partners and their live’s goals had changed. They will be missed! I’d also like to thank them for giving me a shout out for this review in their final episode!

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