The Poultry Auction

Today I went to the High Country Markets in Uralla, a little village not far from Armidale. To my delight they also had a poultry auction. It was a very new experience for me! It looked like serious business. The buyers were well prepared and seemed ready for a long morning of bidding, judging by the comfy chairs they had brought along.

A box of chickens

The return of the mini-doc?

At the beginning of 2020, I set myself a challenge to make a weekly mini-documentary. I lasted about 5 weeks and declared myself defeated. A weekly video was more than I could manage. As we know practice makes perfect and I’ve gotten out of practice! I look back over some of my previous efforts I can see that I have lost some skills. I have certainly lost some files! The various intro and outro snips I made have vanished into my chaotic digital vortex. This little clip was made with iMovie on my iMac but I think it’s high time I booted up Adobe Premier before I forget everything I learned at the courses I have done over the years.

Perhaps I’ll get back into making some more mini-docs – they sure are fun to put together!

High Country Markets

The poultry auction and the markets are held on the first Sunday of every month. There is the usual mix of handicrafts, plants, some produce and food vans. It’s only a small market and you could do a couple of circuits of the stalls quickly, however the poultry auction is an interesting addition to the day.

Uralla has a really nice feel about it and well worth a visit. You could make it into a full day by doing some fossicking for sapphires and garnets and then check out the hideaway cave of the notorious bushranger – Captain Thunderbolt.

The autumn weather was smiling down today and while the air was a little crisp, I’m sure if I go again in June, I’ll need to rug up!

2 thoughts on “The Poultry Auction

  1. So old chook
    We’re you up for auction….and if so how much did you fetch?..
    I would imagine quite a sum.

    1. Oh you’re such a cheeky fellow Mr Wyles!! And yes I think I would have been the surprise lot for the day and fetched a very pretty sum!!

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