Bridges – a photographic essay

WordPress have created a monthly word prompt challenge and you know I quite like challenges! For March, 2022 it’s the word bridge.

There are no doubt many metaphors that can be explored and exploited. Just a few that come to mind without resorting to Google include:

  • don’t burn your bridges
  • a bridge too far
  • build a bridge
  • the bridge of a ship

My choice is to take the easy way out and simply post some nice images of bridges I have crossed rather than writing a long analysis. Nothing fancy, nothing witty just some damn fine architecture!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

My grandfather was a metal worker on this bridge back in the 1930s. I crossed it as part of the Walk for Reconciliation in May, 2000. It’s sweeping arch over a beautiful harbour is always a welcome sight. I am very sure I have many, many more images but here is one of my favourites.

From Lady Macquarie’s Chair

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge has to be one of THE most famous bridges I have crossed – on a push bike no less. I visited San Francisco in 2012 as part of a science nerd holiday I took with a fellow science teacher. Not quite sure why they call it the golden gate when it is clearly orange! Sometimes it is not clearly any colour, as it is often shrouded in fog

Golden Gate Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge

Hang on maybe this one is more famous! Spectacular! I have written a few posts about my time in New York.

New York’s Finest!

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