Emily in Paris?

Have you watched Emily in Paris yet? It’s on Netflix. Season 1 and 2 are now available and Season 3 is touted to be out in December 2022. 

Emily Cooper is a 30-something marketing exec for an American company that has bought out a smaller boutique French company. The brash, sassy, beautiful but down-home sort of American GAL, makes a string of social faux pas but eventually wins the hearts and minds of her work colleagues. Of course,  there are a number of subplots and romantic twists and turns. 

I watched it all over a week, a few episodes a night.  While I enjoyed it (a lot), I had trouble suspending reality and losing myself in the plot completely. Acknowledging I’m probably not the target demographic, there were things that made me pop out of the “binge-bubble” too frequently to remain immersed.

Bubble buster 1: The fashion.

The fashion on display is a key feature of the series. Everyone is VERY glamorous. Emily wears a different outfit EVERY day yet we see her arrive with only a few suitcases.  We never see her go shopping. How did she fit all the outfits into her bags and where is her iron?? The apartment doesn’t seem to have room for an ironing board but she is always crease free. 

Kid’s fashion

Bubble buster 2: The shoes.

Those heels? Really? On the cobblestones of Paris? You’re not serious?  It’s lucky Emily only wears everything once because the heels would be ruined on the first day. 

Bubble buster 3: The unprotected sex.

I was heartened by Emily’s very sensible approach to sex. The series was refreshingly candid in this respect and I think her portrayal of an active, vibrant and in control woman was great,  but where are the condoms, Emily??? I am expecting her to end up pregnant in Season 3! 

Bubble buster 4: The unprotected legs!

The episodes stretch over a number of months, from a hot humid summer through to autumn or perhaps winter, but Emily’s legs are nearly always uncovered! She must be freezing!

Bubble Buster 5: The unattended handbag!

OMG! Emily just puts her handbag down on the park bench and pays it little attention. IRL, it would be gone in a flash. A passerby on a scooter would be snaffling up that dainty purse quick smart!

Bubble buster 6: Where’s the Instagram feed?

With Emily posting every few minutes to her rapidly growing insta-account, I duly checked to see her posts but sadly, it’s just promotional material for the series. I kinda hoped her “real” in-character posts would be there.

Will I watch Emily in Paris Season 3?

Yes, you bet I will! What I really liked about the episodes was the way American consumerism was shunned by the French characters and held up to some scrutiny.  It was fun to see the French reactions. Despite my concerns, I’ll be pleased when it returns. I’m on Team Gabriel! 

All a bit pricey for me!!

2 thoughts on “Emily in Paris?

    1. It’s a bit of fluff but pleasantly amusing. On a positive side, Emily is a very confident and independent woman so a better role model than many others.

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