The New Normal

Back in 2020 when we had our first big taste of COVID, when all the world was locked in and celebrities got together to do online concerts to keep their own and the world’s spirits up, we began to talk about the new normal

Back in 2020 when most of the world’s cars and planes were off the road and out of the sky, the air was crystal clear and the horizon went that bit further.  We talked about the new normal enthusiastically. (We especially welcomed those clear skies in eastern Australia after a summer of fire.)

When many of the office-bound workers and their bosses figured out you could actually work from home more productively and cut out that commute, we got really excited about the new normal.

The new normal in 2021

In 2021, when we were yo-yo-ing between lockdowns, learning from home, getting our jabs we felt a ripple of pride. Even though we were locked in, at least the hospitals were coping. The infection rate was heading in the right direction. The supermarket shelves were full. No one was panic buying toilet paper anymore! Ha! That was so 2020!!  

The new normal was just becoming “how we have to do it around here”. We had our routine down pat with our day briefly punctuated by our 11 o’clock coffee for Gladys’ presser. Oh my, we’d say, 600 cases in one day! 

The newer normal in 2022

Then came Freedom Day and here in NSW, we had a change in Premier. This change coincided rather neatly with a change in COVID variant. As it turns out, those coinciding events have come to be a perfect storm. 

Dom said it’s time we got used to this virus and learnt to live with it. We need to save the economy. Let it rip. And rip it has. 

Sums it up well! (Source: Timeout Magazine)

As you know infection rates have soared, hospitals already under stress are now close to breaking point.  Medical staff who haven’t had a chance to rest since 2020 are now sick themselves.  According to the ABC, nearly 50% of the workforce in NSW are off work due to the effects of COVID. They are either sick or isolated because of being a close contact.  

Dom and Scott decided the best way to deal with this emergency was to change the rules about isolation. Shorten the time and tinker with the definition of close contact. 

HELLO????? Hello, leaders????  

Um, I’m no epidemiologist but won’t that just mean that MORE of our essential workers will get COVID??

Supermarket shelves are now empty, not because of panic buying but because truckies are home with a fever and the food industry has no one to run its production lines. 

Good job on saving the economy, boys! Things are worse now than when we were locked down. This is not the new normal we were looking for.

I sure hope you kept growing those veggies you planted in 2020. You’re really going to need them this time. 

2 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. I feel your disgust, Robyn. My country, a supposed world leader, is now ranked 60-something for per capita of citizens vaccinated, but we still have leaders gaining political traction from downplaying the virus dangers. It will always be this way, though. People are sheeple.

  2. We are now having more daily deaths than for the Delta strain. Some people are apparently dispensible, according to our “leaders”. School starts back tomorrow. The rates of infection will no doubt spike again.

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