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I’m moving house soon! Back in July, I posted about my plans to move to a more intentional lifestyle in Armidale in rural NSW. It was dependent on me getting some ducks in a row. Namely having gainful employment and somewhere to live. I am pleased to report that one duck has been lined up and nailed to the wall! I have a job in Armidale. The job is a good one but at this stage only for 6 months – but (very) likely to be extended. It’s at the same salary, but not in a school and it will be a very different role.

This news sets the dominos in motion. The next step is the pack up and find somewhere to live. Rental properties are not hard to come by in Armidale and my own place will be easy to rent out as the market is very lean at the moment. All good there. As any good organiser would, my very first task was to create a timeline spreadsheet. (Colour coded, of course!) This included all the important things, like when I need to be at my new place of work, when I finish in my current position, the Christmas holiday period etc etc. I was in my nerdy organisational happy place. And then…

Moving House Stumbling Block Number 1: The removalist

One of the first steps in moving is to book a removalist. I “googled” and came up with a few companies. The first quote was for nearly $8000. Screech on the brakes!! Say what?? Eight grand?? I don’t think my furniture is worth that much!!!!! Add on the prospect of MAYBE shipping all my stuff back after 6 months. Urggghhhhh!

In my second Slow Living post I suggested that I could sell all my stuff, buy a tiny home and live more simply. I billed this as an extreme response. With this quote, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea! Do I really need to move my stuff? Can I rent my place in Wollongong furnished? Do I free myself of my possessions? Do I sell my lounge and fridge etc etc and buy replacements once I’m there? So many questions!

Stayed turned! 

Maybe I can just live in a caravan park for six months?

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