Safe Travel in the COVID era

Will it be safe to travel after COVID?

Will there be an after?

Or will we just have COVID21, COVID23 and on and on?

I had plenty of travel plans, pre-COVID. My next big adventure was still unscheduled but I had Iceland, Scandinavia and the remainder of the UK on the list. It was going to be a race to get my bucket list covered before I was too old and wobbly on my feet to hike 30 kilometres a day.

I was not planning on going anywhere in 2020 anyway, but with COVID19 still impacting our lives, many people are posting about their missed travel opportunities.

Their are sad tales of cancelled trips and lost deposits. Would-be travellers are wishing they could be somewhere else. Anywhere else than where they happen to be. Stories of cabin fever and boredom are flooding the internet!

People!?  Think of all the money you’re saving and the mega-trip you’ll be able to take when things settle down! Rumours abound, but some media is predicting that international travel out of Australia will not even begin until mid-2021 and then not return to normal for a few years after, that if ever.

The bucket list gets an update.

I am seriously contemplating whether I will return to international travel at all. I’ve been rethinking factors other than health risks such as my carbon footprint, over-tourism, exploitation of developing countries for cheap holidays and the positive impact, both environmentally and economically, spending my tourist dollar in my own country would have.

That’s all very pie-in-the-sky thinking as the only travel that is 100% safe right now is time travel! Since I have no new travel photos or stories  I have been trawling back through my archive to find some oldies to share.

These ones are from a trip to Vietnam in 2015. I’ll post some more from other travels over the next few weeks.

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