Photo of the Week 19

Sydney Opera House and the Bridge: 2012.

opera house and bridge.jpg

This is one of my very first images from when I  started taking photography seriously. It was taken on a Panasonic FZ250. Not a bad zoom for a little camera! I was at least 1 km away on the other side of the Habour at Lady Macquarie’s Chair in the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. I don’t have any details on the settings.

I think it still stands the test of time






8 thoughts on “Photo of the Week 19

    1. It looks like you haven’t been to Australia yet? (browsing through your list of posts/destinations) That’s something you need to fix! You certain;y have a very active site. It’s a beautiful place and I recommend seeing more than just Sydney and Ayres Rock! 🙂

      1. I have been wanting to go to Australia for the longest time. That flight time is hars from NYC. Hopefully go there within in the year

      2. I went to NYC last year! It’s not that far!!!! 🙂 I did a few blog posts from there and Maine…. check them out (April 2018)

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