Too good to be true…

You’ve all heard the saying “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is…”  In my mind this article (posted in PetaPixel)  about the search for a family photographer fits that bill exactly.

Screenshot 2018-12-13 20.27.24

here’s the brief….

Screenshot 2018-12-13 20.54.01

At first thought it sounds amazing! Lots of cash, “free” travel, living the high life with the rich and famous.

Yep! Nah!

Here’s the small print they didn’t publish.

  • We need an experienced photographer who is used to using Photoshop and without an ethical bone in their body. You will need to able to take photos so that my son who usually looks like this when we are on holiday:
from Pixabay

Looks like this

from Pixabay


  • The ideal candidate will not be curious.  You will refrain from researching how the family came by its wealth.  Those photos on the mantle with all the slaves; are from a friend; they’re not ours. Oh and the shots with me with the big gun and the giraffe carcass?? Just props. It was a man dressed in a giraffe suit! Promise!
  • When I say jump! You say “How how?What ISO!”
  • I’m sure you’ll be interested in knowing what happened to our last family photographer? Well, when he tried to include some of the photos he took in his own Instagram feed, we had a bit of a laugh and then  I sent him on a very special underwater shoot with my good friends, Tony and Paulie. Funny, I haven’t seen him since then…..shame… we liked him…..


(I took the picture of the Monopoly board all the rest are from Pixabay)

(this post is in jest… I’m sure it would be a fabulous job!)


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