Israel – A final encounter.

By now you’ll know I am a bit of an experimenter! I am trying to find the best software to turn some of my photo books into flipbooks for viewing online. This one is from Yumpu. This is the free version. It was really easy to do but the view is very small and I don’t see a way of making it bigger. At present you can’t read the text in the stories but they are in this blog.

I had trouble loading it from my phone.

Sometimes this link works and sometimes it doesn’t! Not much of an experiment was it!

Yumpu fullscreen version

I’d be pleased to know if any of you have found a better solution.

These photos were taken in January 2018 and are subject to copyright.

5 thoughts on “Israel – A final encounter.

  1. I looked at the full screen version and enjoyed your essays and photos very much. They make al fabulous coffee table book.
    But why is this your final visit to Israel? Wanted to go back to the start to see if I had missed your reason for that and, well, Yumpu won’t let me look at it again.

    1. Thanks for checking it out and for your kind words! . I didn’t know you could only view it once? My daughter has moved back to Australia so now I see her nearly every day instead of once a year!

  2. Hi Robyn, I looked at the full screen version and was able to view it multiple times. The only flipbook I’ve ever tried is Issuu. I’ve successfully embedded the Issuu reader on sites I run for other people using but was not able to embed it on my free sites. However, as you’ve been able to embed the Yumpu reader I’m guessing the plan you’re on might allow you to use Issuu as well …maybe. Try adding an Issuu version to this page as well and see which works best, or which one people find easier to read. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jenny! I am glad it wasn’t a once in a lifetime view! I looked at Issuu and found it hard to work out. I did like the look of the samples but just couldn’t operate it easily. Mind you, I didn’t try hard, whereas Yumpu was pretty easy.

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