Canada – just like Australia but with mountains and bears

I have just finished watching Series 2 of the Handmaids’ Tale.  While the show itself is fantastic, if not a little bleak, I wonder if it was made by the Canadian Tourist Bureau. It certainly highlights some of the good political and social features of Canada! What is doesn’t show us is the beauty.

In 2016 I did a solo travel adventure to Canada. I flew into Vancouver and drove from there to Calgary and then flew over to the east coast visiting Toronto and Ottawa. As an Old Chook travelling alone, I would really recommend it as a safe and fun destination with plenty to see and do.

I have put together this short photo essay on Adobe Spark Page. It’s an experimental post to see how blending these two platforms works. Clicking on the picture will take you to an Adobe page. Then scroll through to look at the photos.

Why would any (sensible) Australian ever want to go to Canada?

7 thoughts on “Canada – just like Australia but with mountains and bears

  1. You are getting so good at this! I love the scrolling format and the zoom motion of the background image. Very like many recent feature stories on the ABC news site. Really great! I think I just watch too much TV to get this sort of thing happening in my life. I am envious of all your travels. Having said that, I lived in Alberta for a couple of years back in the late 70s. It is a truly beautiful place.

    1. Thank you!! Adobe Spark is SUPER easy to use. You would be able to do it no problem! Alberta and BC just gorgeous!!’ No OS travel until after Broken Hill for me!!!

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