Transit through Incheon

The new Terminal 2 is impressive.

Over the last five years I have boarded a Korean Airlines flight  32 times. That’s 8 trips with four flights per trip. Six times to Israel, once to Canada and once to the States. Travelling via Korea is not always the most direct or fastest route but I have decided to make KAL my SkyTeam as I try to accrue enough frequent flyer points to get an upgrade for an entire trip (i.e. all four legs). I think I have only about 20000 to get!! On the forward journey, flight schedules have meant that I have scored a stopover in the 5-star Incheon Grand Hyatt courtesy of the airline. Sweet!!!!


Despite being in South Korea at different times of the year, I think I have seen blue sky once.  Every other time, whatever the season, there has been a grey misty, smoggy veil shrouding the sky, casting wintery hues on frostbitten grass. It’s a bit depressing. You can stare directly at the pale orange disc of the sun – an unnerving consequence of the pollution.

I wonder if it’s is ever sunny and clear as the shuttle bus to the hotel  passes under a digital sign that lets me know in Korean, there is 3.24ppm of something in the air – particulates I expect. Many people wear face masks.

Reflection of cone shaped buildings in water

I haven’t ventured beyond the airport precinct yet. However en route to Israel, I have had almost  a full day to explore before the next flight.

Reflective walkers

This short photo essay shows some of the scenes around Incheon and Songdo (the location of another one of the transit hotels).

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One day I hope to stay in South Korea for a few days to have a better look and try some of that Girl’s Big Chicken!

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Wrapped Trees (RAH from my previous life!)

2 thoughts on “Transit through Incheon

  1. Great shots Robyn and interesting to hear your thoughts on Sth Korea. Such a shame about all the air pollution. Their architecture looks fascinating. I guess that’s what you get with a city that has probably developed so fast in recent times.

    1. Hello! Hope you are well! The Tech City in Songdo has some amazing buildings. Those conical ones in particular! It is some sort of convention centre. I think most of the pollution drifts over from China due to the geography. As I said my experience has been limited to a small area around the airport on overnight layovers. One day I will slow down long enough to have a proper look!

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