New York: Here I Come!

In the world of writing there are two styles of writers. The Pantsers and the Plotters. Pansters write by the seat of their pants. They don’t plan, they just let the story unfold. Their characters drive the story and take it in unexpected and often unwelcome ways. The plotters on the other hand will begin by writing a story arc. They have a beginning, middle and end in mind before they put pen to paper (or more likey finger to keyboard!).

When I write I am a pantser but when it comes to travel I am a plotter. I plot in  detail! I have spreadsheets. I book my flights months in advance. I book accommodation way ahead of time. I look up suggested itineraries. I check out Instagram for photo locations. I like to know where I will be when. As a solo female traveller, I like to know I have a safe place to stay and a way to get there.

While I plan the main event, I don’t let this get in the way of a serendipitous adventure if it becomes available.  My plan may be to do a photo walk through a city.   My route will be roughly mapped out so I can get back to my lodgings without getting lost, but if a little side street catches my eye or I become enthralled by some street musicians I won’t rigidly stick to the plan.

Central Park – December 2009

I am heading off to New York in a few days and I have nearly everything planned. I’ve been to New York once before in 2009 but only spent 3 days there.

I thought I’d hate it. I loved it and can’t wait to get back.

This time I won’t be solo. I am meeting up with an amazing lady  I met in Canada back in 2016. (That’s you RJB!) She lives in New York City and is a travel plotter too!  We have been exchanging emails, refining the to-do list.  There are a few “in pen” events which needed tickets, like a baseball game; two live music concerts and a Broadway show.  The rest of the days are pencilled in with “activities from list”. The sequence of these events will be largely determined by the weather and our mood.

Early re-building work at the WTC site.

Our list is expansive, and I doubt we’ll cover it all. RJB is a keen photographer too so lots of our time will be spent chasing the light. Here’s a taste.

  1. Racquetball/ Spa Afternoon/Dinner at Patsy’s (Best Eggplant Parm YOU WILL EVER HAVE!)
  2. Greenway bike ride to World Trade/Brooklyn Bridge
  3. Brooklyn (the Promenade, Dumbo)
  4. Bronx
  5. Queens
  6. High Line/West Village/Tribeca/Rocco’s/Molly’s Cupcakes
  7. Guggenheim/Upper East Side
  8. R’ball/Central Park Picnic
  9. B’day dinner (night of the 5th?)
  10. SoHo/The Bowery (Great shopping, architecture, and street art!)
  11. Little Italy – Massages ($45 for an hour), Dinner, Cannolis 😊
  12. NY Public Library/St Pats/Lunch in Bryant Park/Grand Central Station
  13. Book of Mormon on Broadway
  14. Street Art
  15. Architecture
  16. Yankee Game
  17. Philly
  18. Farmers’ Market
  19. Bar/Live Music
An interesting view from one of the Museums!


I am also heading up to Maine for a few days to do some lighthouse spotting and hiking through Acadia National Park. I’ll need a holiday from my holiday!

ACKKK! Straighten that horizon girl!

My goal is to get a real taste of what it’s like to live in New York. I hope to interview some New Yorkers to get their views and opinions. I’ll be posting as I go so I hope you’ll enjoy the stories and the photos. My first visit yielded very few ‘good’ photos. Given the potential for great subjects I have struggled to pick some from back then to add to this post.  This time it will different! I better buy some more SD cards!


Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “New York: Here I Come!

  1. Have fun Robyn, look forwards to your posts from the US of A, especially The Big Apple”; it’s certainly a dynamic city. Stay safe, lots of love Auntie Mary and Uncle Alan x

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