Jaffa’s old flea market.

Tel Aviv is a vibrant world city with nightclubs, fine dining and beaches. There are shopping malls and chains stores Iike you will find in nearly every big city. The same marketing and the same high turnover fashion. Hairdressers and shoe shops abound.

If you’d like something a little different, have a look at the old flea market in Yafo (Jaffa). It’s a couple of kilometres south from the city centre right on the Mediterranean coast. Jaffa is the oldest continuously used port. It has a rich history.

From the city’s Central Bus Station get onto Shalma Road and follow it to the end. Or if you are coming from the main shopping district just follow the promenade along the beach and head towards the clock tower which will be in the distance. If you get thirsty there are a few places to stop and have a beer on the sand as well as some public toilets if you go this way.

The markets is a mix of dodgy dross that you could buy at any $2 shop as well as intriguing and amazing collections of old wares. There are also a number of restaurant and catering equipment suppliers in the mix too. On its outer borders are some high end couture and bridal wear stores.

As well as the little shops there is an open market where people come and “declutter”. There are some cafes and eateries to keep you fueled. There are also plenty of photographers!

It well worth a visit and you should allow 2- 3 hours to wander around in addition to the walk to get there.

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    1. That’s a shame! I have been in Tel Aviv a few times on Shabbat and it’s hard to find things open. If you go again, some, restaurants especially down in Rothschild Boulevard. the Art Gallery is open. The quiet streets are good for taking photos!

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