Looking on the Bright side…

Bright Autumn--6Last year I took a road trip to a town called Bright in Victoria. It is just over 600km from home. My goal was to join up for an Instameet at the Bright Autumn Festival. I took a very scenic route and passed through the towns of Nerriga, Berridale, Thredbo, Corryong Beechworth and Yackandandah. Oh! Australia has some fun place names!!


Australia’s native trees are not deciduous so we don’t get the showy colour changes you see in the Northern Hemisphere, unless there is a deliberate planting of exotic species. Bright has exactly the right climate for bringing out the spectacular foliage and its Autumn Festival is designed to take advantage of it.

Bright Autumn--19


The instameet was a great experience. I meet lots of terrific people and  made new friends! All the while taking photos in the spirit of collegiality.




Brendan, the organiser, went out of his way to take us to some really great locations.  You can find him at @brightmystic on Instagram.

You can get information about 2018’s festival here. 


Bright Autumn--108
Beechworth Gaol.

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